Friday, August 27, 2010

Whoa, I can hardly believe it!! People have been visiting me and 2010 is almost over!! I only popped in 'cos I had an email from Cluster Maps - the revolving globe on the side of the page - and the email provided a link to my blog so I thought I'd sign in for no reason. You guys are dolls for still popping in. I reckon everyone's on some social networking thing these Facebook, My Space and Twitter - how do they find the time to manage blogs as well (and farms?) LOL.

SBO has an awesome competition going at the mo and this is my entry for week 3. There has been a lot of cats thru my life but this one is really different!! She'll walk across our chests and sometimes our heads trying to poke her way under the blankets and snuggle up beside us. If that doesn't work she'll sleep across our necks. We only wake up because we're being choked by fur. I totally enjoyed working with 'white space' and see that big flower in the corner of the cluster? The centre was made by Yolande Fenneman at the Autumn Retreat in Taupo and I was very lucky to be given one. I'd be saving it for something special.

Going to leave you here...I wonder if I'll be back before the year is out? Guess you'll have to wait and see.