Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Queens Birthday Weekend

For my internet buddies over the ditch and beyond, we have an extra day this weekend. I intend to spend it scrapping at Scrappin' Patch completing challenges, via the computer. The last weekend was suppose to be one of scrapping but a bird (we think a pigeon) flew thru a CLOSED window and left a lovely mess of glass and bird do do over my tables. I had to move storage boxes out from under the tables and all the mess I haven't put away in ages on top of them.... in order to move the tables so Dh can reach the window. Twice he's been to town already this week and has forgotten to take the measurements with him!!   He'll replace the glass himself 'cos as a kiddo he had to learn....with 7 brothers and all being fans of rugby, his Dad got sick of calling in the glazier!

I'd better go and do some more reorganising in my scrapping room so it's ready for the weekend...oh and clear the coffee table!

C Ya L8r

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reminder List

Add Art of Craft and Scottie Crafts to your favourites :D

Wow two posts in one night!! LOL

Edited to add: Done and Done and changing Nicki's link to her new blog also done...about time I changed that!

For your information....

but mainly mine, however what the heck lets share! Lol.

There are a couple of comps going on at the moment and I thought I would post them here instead of that notebook I forget to look inside, the scratch pad on my desk that becomes another layer of many, the shopping list on the bulldog clip hanging by the teacups or the post it I slap on the side of the monitor screen that our cats think I placed there for their amusement.... Why not add them here and that way I'll never lose them and other people can see them too. Good idea?  I do hope it's ok to do this though. If you think not please let me know.

Page Maps 5th Anniversary
Becky Fleck is celebrating with a card and layout challenge. Entries are accepted world wide. 

Aussie Scrap Source  Style Lounge.....scroll down the page some when you hit A.S.Source. The challenges being here to create a layout in the style showcased. This week being the gorgeous Shabby Chic. Feast your eyes on Janines layouts. I especially like ...no Excuse. Just love that colour combo!!  You have until Wednesday May 4th! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Do you have plans for Inter/National Scrapbooking Day?  I'm a moderator for the Crop Room and one of our members has set up another group that we will be invited to this weekend where there's a dozen+ various card and layout challenges. Of course I'll also be jumping to all my favourite spots on the web to see what's going on elsewhere. Whatever you do have fun!

Lastly, did you watch THE Wedding last night? I loved it, loved every bit of it, all the pomp and ceremony (never mind some of those hats!!). I was so glad we were able to share in Williams and Catherines day besides which we needed it after all the seriousness and tragedy we live in, in the everyday.

Yes, I did think of Diana a lot during the evening, did you? Of her marriage and her funeral. I expecially remembered the anticipation of the wedding and being wowed by her dress all those years ago and I also remember the scrapbooks I had of all the clippings of the Royal Family that I collected for years. I had a centre page spread of Princess Diana and Charles dressed in their wedding finery and another of Princess Ann and Mark Phillips on their big day.

...and when we found out she had died. My boyfriend and I had just walked in the door having been at the local sports club that evening, when my flatmate waved to us from the couch.... and I didn't believe him! No way, I thought he was having us on and turned to walk to my room for a tick...then I remember being rooted to the floor of the lounge with my hand on my mouth.  Mother Teresa died soon after and my Dad too so he's in great company don't you think?!

Anywho William and Catherine (perfect name for a queen!) wishing you all the very, very best of everything in your new life together. You deserve it!

PS: Dd was in Auckland and watched American Idol with my sis and her cousins. Dh was 'up' the road watching the Breakers and I had the whole house to myself....and the TV :D