Saturday, June 28, 2008

#4 Challenge

Heidi! Black and White with a burst of colour, doodling, Bling, Flowers, 5x7 photo, Flourishes/Swirls, Rubons and or Transparencies and cut work from pattern paper.
I so enjoyed doing this one! I love black and white so it wasn't hard (but that doesn't mean it was easy!) and it's my favourite for SYTYCS so far. NB: Ema is my Dd and Gail is her cousin, they spend a lot of weekends together playing soccer, going to the hot pools and sleeping over and 'skating' with their Heeley's either here or there. Best Friends was Dd's choice for the title but Best Buds fits in just right! And what a fluke re the dress Dd is wearing!

I painted the TLC Chipboard flourishes with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and then I fell in love. The new little black dress in Scrapbooking... well, it might not be new to you but it sure is to me. The effect is awesome and it really does glimmer/shimmer. It also proved to me how lucky I am that I receive SBO's monthly kits. If I wasn't subscribed to Scrapbook Outlet NZ's gorgeous kits I know I wouldn't have ANY Glimmer Mist in my scrapspace. It's not something I think I would've gone out and bought under my own steam, not when I don't drive and live kinda rural-ish. I rarely get to a scrapbook store, probably Spotlight and Scrapbook Studio in Auckland when I visit my sis more often than Book'em in Tauranga! Hehe, my sis lives 5 mins drive down the road, how could I not take in a visit to the Studio! However, I rarely get up there these days.
Please go check out Trina's totally beautiful layout using Glimmer Mist. It's absolutely stunning. Scroll down to the fifth layout - it's on white background and features a pink crown. What do you think huh?
Back to that gorgeous Mist, the only buggar being now I've tasted it I want all the colours - 50 of 'em. Every single one!
CU L8r

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first ever Jack

Hey lookee what I did. My first ever Jack Me Up.

I finished #4 Challenge at Scrapbook Studio TWO WHOLE days before the deadline. Woohoo. I couldn't believe it. So far each challenge has taken me an entire week. I was going to go and do a bunch of chores but when I posted to Scrapbook Studio "Yahooeey, I was done" Heidi, who's style we are 'using' for challenge #4 said she would rather scrap another layout not rake leaves! Too right!!! So I popped on over to Jack Me UP to have a lookee and the chosen layout for this month is Ilka's. I love Ilka's work and her layout is very cool. I dig the colour combo, the title down the side and all the arrows. It also has a very clean look.
I added Dimensional Magic to the Cosmo Blackboard letters on my layout. Journalled and doodled on the arrows but botched it up so I flipped them over and painted them with MM paint and DMed them too.
I better go post in the comments on Jack Me Up since today is the last day - there you go....Last Minute Me!
CU L8r


Here you go, my layout for picking up Liannes style. Not sure I've got everything in there, probably could do with another little label below or above the other and I don't know whether to snip the threads joining the buttons.......I probably won't....I think. You can barely see the paint in the photo but it's there - a yellow cookie cutter print. The unexpected something is the rocket stamp on the fabric - they arrived from a Trade Me buy from Anita on the day this was due.
You've got to check out Anita's auctions. She has lot's of yummy items and the G stamps are so cool! It use to make me drool when my American internet buddies talked abt them and posted piccies to the MSN Group we belong to. They picked them up for a $1 each in bins!! Then I came across Anita while browsing TM. However, thanks to Duty fees, GST, the price of petrol and the postage get my drift - $4.50 is still a nice little price to me. Anita goes by the name anita476.

Also in light of Liannes style and her love of lace, ribbon and trims I had a lookee on TM and found a variety of laces being sold in the same bundle by gadson. Of course I had to buy 'em! But when they arrived yesterday!!!!! Wowser, I love the orange, brown and red and I really hadn't expected so much. I mean I know what 10 mtrs are but just seeing it altogether and really it's way more than enough. I also felt guilty - only a tad mind you, I have a stash of lace already since I use to work in the rag trade but it's mainly wide lace so I'm allowed this buy right? ;

Hehe, but to ease my guilt and really because there's more than enough for me - for the first 4 people to comment to this thread I'll send you 30cms or 12" of each colour. Leave your name and address in the comments and I'll get them out this week. NB the browns are the same on each card.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

#3 Challenge

Lianne!! Whoa. I've seen Lianne's face in mags and on the net many, many times but I didn't know her work. Wow. Love it and I loved clicking on the links that led me further into her style like the very cool layouts using the Q Tea kits. Love those kits!!

Ok, so this challenge needed to have -

fabric/ribbon/lace strips
paint used with an object to stamp
strip journaling
labels (bought or found)
mixed alphas
hand stitching
and something unexpected - something you wouldn't usually think of putting on your page.

My layout wasn't completed the evening of the deadline. I was buggered and thought I had work the next day so I definitely didn't want to stay up late and do the Last Minute Loonie thing. But it's finished now and I'll get a pic up real soon. Mean time, I hope to finish challenge #4 tonite! Please!!!

CU L8r

#2 Challenge

Using Kelly's style, include paint, torn paper, stamps, ribbon or trim, 1 flower or more, clustered embellishments and mix photo sizes - one of which must include a pic of YOU! Ugh.

So lucky I hadn't scrapped Dd's school camp last year! I'm going to have fun with these! (Well I did scrap one of them for a challenge on Heaven Sent).

My journaling went on the white paint - the bit where the red bling cardstock is. Ok, so I made a mistake and painted over it..again and again and again - but the ink kept showing thru??! What is it with Gesso? Could I have used acrylic paint instead? So it was 11:30pm, 30mins before the deadline! Think!! I tore off a piece of the same cardstock used to mat the main pic and added a rub on - Guess how much I love You. Never mind you can hardly see it, I've sinced removed it altogether. Added ! to Treasure and going to sit on what to do with the white paint - I wish I could erase it. More skull and bones maybe?

Kelly's style was easier for me since I use a few of her 'thing's in my layouts already. Things I learnt for me? Tear up paper more often!

Made during a Cyber Crop at Heaven Sent earlier this year. Love these pics of Dd. No posing just having fun while I clicked away. She was sitting on a huge hay bale on the school field after the disco during their Pirate Camp. I have more pics of the camp and they're the one's that will have the journaling. These are for playing!!

Another Layout from Heaven Sent Cyber Crop. We had to choose a quote and scrap it. I chose this pic to go with it - the first time I've scrapped Grandad. I'd been thinking of him a lot lately. He spent most of his life in Asia - Burma (Mynmar), Indonesia, Borneo and Singapore as a surveyor. I wondered in light of the recent devasting storm that claimed so many lives in Mynmar as Burma is now known - what would he be thinking of the mess there. This is his second wife and their first child (I'm thinking she would be 20ish now). It would be wonderful if just by chance my Aunty or her brother happened upon this site (yeah sure)and contacted me.

Last one for the Cyber Crop - Must have pp or cardstock triangles somewhere on your layout. We also had to have a grouping of embellishments in the shape of a triangle. I bet you can't find mine straight away. There's journaling on the pink spot pp up one side. My camera batteries were flat and I missed the deadline getting these posted to Heaven Sent. Yep, sounds just like me... Last Minute Lainie :)

CU L8r

So You Think U Can Scrap!

A 7 week Comp happening at Scrapbook Studio. I had read abt it in a previous newsletter but didn't think abt it too much. Then we received another - that as long as you had a layout emailed to Lianne before the deadline date you would be in!
And I so love challenges!!!

#1 Use Meeks style in a layout. Your layout must include these: penwork, handwritten journaling, a mix of pattern paper, scallops, stars or hearts
buttons or brads, 4x6 photos showing candid everyday life shots bright happy colour scheme,

The blue background Bazzil cardstock is actually a happy blue! It looks a bit grey here...something like the weather outside all this weekend. Perfect weather for scrapping!

This wasn't my original layout. The background was white and it was 'framed'! I had doodled more, the scallops were cut from different paper BUT a big yucky smudge appeared on the title and WOULD NOT BE REMOVED :( The photo and circles were easily lifted and adhered to the blue background but only 'cos I didn't have anymore white cs and really I just wanted to be 'in', it was getting late....and guess what, holey cow - I earned a point. Whoa! Talk abt bowled over!!!

I love Meeks stlye and I love to doodle dots and little curly whirls but I hestitated a whole lot before putting pen to paper for this one.

So what did I learn from using Meeks style?
Hand cutting scallops is cool!
Relax with the pen!

CatchU L8r