Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here you go, my layout for picking up Liannes style. Not sure I've got everything in there, probably could do with another little label below or above the other and I don't know whether to snip the threads joining the buttons.......I probably won't....I think. You can barely see the paint in the photo but it's there - a yellow cookie cutter print. The unexpected something is the rocket stamp on the fabric - they arrived from a Trade Me buy from Anita on the day this was due.
You've got to check out Anita's auctions. She has lot's of yummy items and the G stamps are so cool! It use to make me drool when my American internet buddies talked abt them and posted piccies to the MSN Group we belong to. They picked them up for a $1 each in bins!! Then I came across Anita while browsing TM. However, thanks to Duty fees, GST, the price of petrol and the postage hike...you get my drift - $4.50 is still a nice little price to me. Anita goes by the name anita476.

Also in light of Liannes style and her love of lace, ribbon and trims I had a lookee on TM and found a variety of laces being sold in the same bundle by gadson. Of course I had to buy 'em! But when they arrived yesterday!!!!! Wowser, I love the orange, brown and red and I really hadn't expected so much. I mean I know what 10 mtrs are but just seeing it altogether and really it's way more than enough. I also felt guilty - only a tad mind you, I have a stash of lace already since I use to work in the rag trade but it's mainly wide lace so I'm allowed this buy right? ;

Hehe, but to ease my guilt and really because there's more than enough for me - for the first 4 people to comment to this thread I'll send you 30cms or 12" of each colour. Leave your name and address in the comments and I'll get them out this week. NB the browns are the same on each card.


PATTY said...

your blog is awesome. I would love some of your lace. You can find my snail mail address at "The Crop Room"

patty - Memorycollector

Welcome to the world of blogging.

Kathy & Ed said...

I love it Kiwi. Great job. These layouts are fantastic....You are soon to be our 'published' friend who we knew when!!! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My name is Adele, I got your blog address of kiwi jack me up. I love your definition of the Jack and I would like to say that I really like the colours that you have used in the Flipped l/o also. Very inspirational.


Charith said...

HI Laine... I just happened across your blog! Loving it so much!
~Your old SF buddy!