Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first ever Jack

Hey lookee what I did. My first ever Jack Me Up.

I finished #4 Challenge at Scrapbook Studio TWO WHOLE days before the deadline. Woohoo. I couldn't believe it. So far each challenge has taken me an entire week. I was going to go and do a bunch of chores but when I posted to Scrapbook Studio "Yahooeey, I was done" Heidi, who's style we are 'using' for challenge #4 said she would rather scrap another layout not rake leaves! Too right!!! So I popped on over to Jack Me UP to have a lookee and the chosen layout for this month is Ilka's. I love Ilka's work and her layout is very cool. I dig the colour combo, the title down the side and all the arrows. It also has a very clean look.
I added Dimensional Magic to the Cosmo Blackboard letters on my layout. Journalled and doodled on the arrows but botched it up so I flipped them over and painted them with MM paint and DMed them too.
I better go post in the comments on Jack Me Up since today is the last day - there you go....Last Minute Me!
CU L8r

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Monique said...

Hi there Lainie! So cool to have you join in the Jack Me Up fun with us!! I love your take on Ilkas layout, the colours and the way you used the arrows!
Look forward to seeing more Jacks from you :-)
Good luck with this weeks SYTYCS layout too!!