Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I met Yolande Fenneman

It's not often I get to a Scrapbook store but the last week I've been to Book'em not once but twice! YAAY. Lol, only 'cos Dh is home for the month (two more weeks to go, gaw'd!) and under the excuse of DT work we can pull anything right? ;) I'll tell you now that's probably it for the rest of the year going by previous years...anyway, anyway.....I met Yolande Fenneman!

Whenever I'm at Book'em I love to look at the walls and admire Yolandes work especially since she's no longer at SBO. So for her to be in the store at the same time as mere me...should I introduce myself? Er, did I really want to do that? Would I be able to lipread her or make a fool of myself instead?

And then she served me and of course I introduced myself and of course she didn't remember a Fruitybird on SBO from a few years back. But I'm thrilled to have met her, have always loved her work. Dang I didn't have a camera or something for her to autograph. Of course DH didn't get it when I had this huge grin on my face when I got back to the car :P

Oh and here's the silly part. I learned today that Kaiser is pronounced Ki- as in Kite- sir. Not Kayser. Well I'd never heard it said before had I never mind Dh told me it's King in English and Kaiser in German. Aaah! Lightbulbs flicking off everywhere in my head. Would it help if I told you he's a crossword fanatic?

And a show off?

Gonna leave you with this. An entry for Scrapbooking by Design for their Winter Warmer comp. I got in a bit late so this is only my 2nd entry out of 5. The 5th and last week is going down now which, unfortunately I don't think I'll be getting completed.

Notice the butterfly on my Mum's head?

We needed to create a distressed and grungy layout. Use glimmer mist, ink or paint(which I like to call paink, lol) and a stamped image. I stamped the butterflies onto kraft scraps and glimmer zapped them with Sea Glass and Creme de Chocolat. There's textured mesh peeking thru an inked tear. Stitched down wire and beads 'following' the butterflies. The lace cardstock I think is the tulip one; I flipped it over, then zapped it with Green Forest. Thank goodness for Tattered Angels Glimmermist!


My sincere apologies but I don't know what's happening when trying to link SBO, SB by Design or Tattered Angels to this post. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anybody out there?

Just sharing a few layouts I completed over the last month.
My daughter in 2000 a few weeks old with my Mum. The inspiration for this layout was the VERY cool Collage Press Knave of Hearts and Vicky Gibson, who set a challenge where you must use the word LIFE as your title. I might use this paper again - with a pic of my Grandad. Lol. Yup, I kid you not :D

Another purple card...was just playing around with some journal spots that have been feeling a tad neglected. Maybe I should've left them feeling that way?