Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anybody out there?

Just sharing a few layouts I completed over the last month.
My daughter in 2000 a few weeks old with my Mum. The inspiration for this layout was the VERY cool Collage Press Knave of Hearts and Vicky Gibson, who set a challenge where you must use the word LIFE as your title. I might use this paper again - with a pic of my Grandad. Lol. Yup, I kid you not :D

Another purple card...was just playing around with some journal spots that have been feeling a tad neglected. Maybe I should've left them feeling that way?


Lara said...

beautiful work Lainie :-)

LG said...

Hi sweetie!

I know its been a while since I visited your blog. im really sorry I was so busy for the past few days. hope you're doing great!

Keep up the good work! And thank you so much for always leaving me some sweet thoughts on my blog