Sunday, March 4, 2012

March photo a day 1, 2, 3

March 1st UP
Our cat's love the cabbage trees....I do too except for the leaves that end up over the ground - in the garden and especially on the lawn. We have four cats, Peanut is too old for climbing but the other three are frisky, not yet 2 year olds and chase one another UP and down our two cabbage trees. Gizmo was looking straight at me but was easily distracted when I clicked the shutter. 

March 2nd  Fruit
 A bucket of Pears we collected the day before at friends of my Mums. Going back for more this week :D This is the first time EVER I've collected a pear from the tree it has fallen from. When I was much younger they would come from the many fruit sellers around Henderson or further out in the country, wrapped in tissue paper or in a moulded tray similar to what egg cartons are made of today but  in wooden boxes. These day's it's from the supermarket. So quite a novelty for us to collect them ourselves.

March 3rd  Your Neighbourhood. 
Lol. What neighbourhood?  This neighbour is behind us. I love the view when I hang out my washing anytime of day. I've taken many pics of this home over the years. One of my favourites is when a rainbow appeared over the house, perfectly framed. The background was dark with grey clouds and the sun shone full onto the front. It looked amazing....but that was last year not yesterday. In my dreams I have a new home and I paint it black so we will have a sign next to theirs.  Their sign says The White House and ours will say The Noir House my dreams.