Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One More

We were challenged at Scrapbook Outlet to use packaging on our layout. Can you figure where I've used it?

Faraway Places

I love this one...

For 'So You Think You Can Scrap' comp at Scrapbooking by Design last year. It was a lot of fun.


Some Favourites

My Mum (sitting) and Aunty Fay who married my Dad's brother. Sorry about the flash glare...

Scrapbook Outlet

Another revamped pic... Ema's favourite outside Te Puke Mitre 10, 2002.


The photograph was originally scrapped in 2003 and I'm scrapping it again. I know what you're going to say, well a fair few of you. You wouldn't scrap your first pages again 'cos you get to see how far along you've come. Well sorry duckies, having been slipping recent layouts into their albums, I've come across a few pages that I think I would have a whole lot of fun redoing. Saying that, I'm not sure if like this one very much and might do it again if this paper's still available.
Sweet Pea

Friday, April 17, 2009

Trade Me

Arrrgh! I am so frustrated!!! I've been selling off the last of my TLC stock on Trade Me. Why do people not place feedback (I know it's optional but if I do for you can't you do for me?)? AND why cant they read the payment instructions?! I don't know who you are if you don't leave the #reference, your TM name or otherwise - especially when I'm not expecting the amount that shows up. CRIPES!! Unfortunately I'm not Harry Potter's sister....Ok, I've calmed down....deep breath....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I guess I'll make it official.......

If you'd asked me 3 days ago I couldn't have defined Challenge Junkie for you. I guess at best - someone who likes to complete challenges? Lol.

A Sketch Challenge from Trina McClune

Three things beginning with the letter A

Acrylic for Paint

Ahoy for the title

Altered photo

Completed for a Crop at

The last two years of layouts have been slipped into ziplock bags, hole torn page protectors and 12x12 packaging left over from product. T h e n, they were put into a plastic crate beside my scrapping table or the lonely empty-Cropper-Hopper-paper-holder-thingy behind me.

So You Think You Can Scrap

Comp going down at Scrapbooking Design last year.

Easter weekend I decided those layouts had to go into their albums! Pronto! And guess - bar a very, very few- were completed because I was inspired by a challenge! That makes me a challenge junkie does it not?

This crate was full, no more could be put in without causing damage to the layouts already inside or the layouts going in. It feels great slipping them into 'real' page protectors.

Ahem, I noticed quite a few without journaling or dates (YIKES!!!) and lots of Heidi Swapp letters swimming around inside plastic bags and the like. Rrrgh! Mission to fully complete all layouts and not one more new one started until said mission is accomplished. Ha!

Affordable Art

I have a Viva from earlier this month and in it is an article called Affordable Art. I was trying to remember why I kept it.....!! well do you remember the Russian dolls that fit into each other? Yeah? Iko Iko in Auckland have a 'nude' set of 5 you can purchase for $32.90 (no I won't be). They can be painted or you could alter them. I think they are so cool. However, if you got as scrap arty as we are want to do they prolly wouldn't fit inside each other anymore, as if it matters. You could have a lot of fun with these babies!

a pic of a set of Russian dolls found on the net

In the same article, Gorgi have flying wood pigeons, $55 for a set of 3 although I'm not sure they would lend themselves to the same enrichment as the dolls.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Carols birthday....

There's some yummo eye candy going on over at Carols and it's a great blog too. Thanks Jenny E for sharing her link with us.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Carol

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Mail

Wanna see what I got from a very special internet buddy? I'll admit I was expecting the nesties - (embarrassed smiley here)They were chosen under duress with both arms twisted up my back - truly! But she's so naughty, there's enough going on in her life right now and she's still thinking abt others! Always does and her sister's exactly the same. Thanku Arlene!!

Stampin Up rub-on's, Top Note diecuts - and some in leather too, some very cute, cute cupcake stamped and coloured images. I can see some neat cards made with these. Oooh, actually - thinking abt cards I must make 8 this weekend for Sandy, Lesley and Niella. Hang in there.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sale Sale Sale

Lol. I've been frequenting my favourite forums this evening and Scrappin Patch is having a birthday!! They've been in their new Big store for a year today and so to celebrate ..... from Thursday 9 April until Tuesday 14 April everything in store is 30% off (excludes diecut machines and applies to all instock items only).

And if I purchase any goodies because I mentioned the birthday sale here I get a freebie - the operative word here being IF. Anywho, head on over and have a lookee. I'm headed that way myself :)

I won third!!

Whooo, happy dancing. Congratulations Raewyn who won 1st and Annelie who won second. I am in great company. Do you know Raewyn completed 29 layouts over the 10 days! 29 to my 10. And you gotta check out Annelie's work. I've loved her creations for ages.

I am truly stoked to have won a MM gift pack worth $100 NZ! I'll take a pic to share with youse all when it arrives.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


...home of the Autumn Escape.

The last challenge was called on Sunday night but I was too buggered to do anything. Next morning though I felt an urge, lol. Could I do the last one before the 10am deadline and before work to boot?

Scraplift a pic of one of Scrapbook Outlets Design Team members - decisions, decisions!! In the end I chose Neen's Roma layout.....and it took me all of 35mins to put together!! Whoaa - I gotta lift more often!!! Admittedly I started at 6am and had to get my kiddo ready for school as well as getting myself out the door at 8:30 so I had no time to dither and believe me I would've played more had I not been going to work.

Sorry abt the photographs for this one and Harajuku. Sending them from Google looks better.


Harajuku - the name of a band and a whole other culture in Japan. Our challenge was to 'do' CUTE. I googled Harajuku and found the definition - a fatal attraction to cuteness - and used it in my title - but somehow between taking a crappy pic at night for the Race and this 'fresh' pic this morning I've lost some of my title and there's no more of the pink paper in my stash. I'll have to figure on something else eh!
Fancy Pants Summer Soiree and check out the gorgeous felt yellow flower - co of Random Bits. Love it.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Another one for the 'Other' album (yup, I'm thinking of Nicole Kidman in her 'Other' movie ;)). Two layouts in the album got you a ticket for the Amazing race....'cept I didn't know that until last night so I'm glad I had two that didn't fit anywhere. This one started off as China but the embellies didn't work with it.

The Colour Purple

The Other One

Andrea had a second album set up during the Amazing Race - where you could load the layouts you made during the race but didn't fit any of the challenges. I love this paper - Fancy Pants Summer Soiree. I turned the paper on it's side and added lot's of tiny shiny 3d flowers so it looked like the take off from a rocket if you know what I mean? Ema hit the water last and came second. Go Rocket Girl!

Rocket Girl

Sunday, April 5, 2009


On the home stretch...there's a Scrap Camp in Mosgiel in the Sth Island this weekend and Andrea's been talking to the Campers :) The ladies shared their favourite things to create with. Our challenge was to choose five items and use them on a layout of our own. Here I've taken Buttons, Birds, Ink, Ribbon and'll need to look close for the stitching - around the outter edge below. A bit hard to believe I used such a soft colour background but I'm happy with the results.



Although most scrapbooking product is designed in the US it's most often made in China so....our challenge for this layout was to craft a handmade embellishment - and use it!

Lots of punchie hearts, individually inked with a Tombow pen. Adhered in layers to look like Pansies. Painted with Dimensional Magic - and then 'cracked' when dry. I can't remember where I 'borrowed' this idea since it's an old one but I'm thinking most likely Arlene, so thanku Arlene. Oh and hey, making these flowers for this layout wasn't planned, it just came abt which is kinda funny/weird 'cos Dot has a beautiful garden.



Layering as in clothing.... apply it to your layout.
Lucky Me

Friday, April 3, 2009


This is not making sense. I've edited the last two posts - and resized the pics. In edit posts it shows that but not when I click view blog???

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Denmark the home of Hans Christian Anderson....and lego land

A Winter Layout..something very different for me. I had fun with this.

August Afternoon

#2 Papau New Guinea

Use a colour from the PNG flag - black, red, yellow and white... If I knew how to graffiti this would be a whole lot different - I gave up looking for examples on the net. Lol. Yolande.F shared an awesome layout with us a few years back. All the background was graffiti - it was fantastic and I've never forgotten it.

No Title

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have to say I don't know what that Gisbourne's doing in my Live Traffic Feed! What's with that? I've never even been there. But it's so cool to see my Crop Room friends visiting me (waving to you). I promise to have some layouts up soon.

Last night I was going to say....

I've lost my MOJO!!!

I did all the things you do; I surfed the net and I looked thru mags. I scraplifted or attempted to - my favourite and not so favourite scrappers. I tried to scrap lift myself!! I cleaned up my scrapzone to start with a clean palette so to speak and finally at 1 am a layout was produced! YAY. But so far it only fits the second layout challenge which I may have already done.. I'm not sure abt the first attempt. If I were a graffiti artist I would want to do it soooo differently. They may both end up in the '2nd' Album - the album Andrea set up for all the layouts you do until Monday that don't relate to the Amazing Race.

# 1 Australia - Aussie Scrap Source
# 2 Papau New Guinea - Colours of the flag
# 3 China - Handmade embellishment
# 4 France - Something Layered
# 5 Denmark - A Winter Layout - ugh. That's a tuffie!