Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last night I was going to say....

I've lost my MOJO!!!

I did all the things you do; I surfed the net and I looked thru mags. I scraplifted or attempted to - my favourite and not so favourite scrappers. I tried to scrap lift myself!! I cleaned up my scrapzone to start with a clean palette so to speak and finally at 1 am a layout was produced! YAY. But so far it only fits the second layout challenge which I may have already done.. I'm not sure abt the first attempt. If I were a graffiti artist I would want to do it soooo differently. They may both end up in the '2nd' Album - the album Andrea set up for all the layouts you do until Monday that don't relate to the Amazing Race.

# 1 Australia - Aussie Scrap Source
# 2 Papau New Guinea - Colours of the flag
# 3 China - Handmade embellishment
# 4 France - Something Layered
# 5 Denmark - A Winter Layout - ugh. That's a tuffie!

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