Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I guess I'll make it official.......

If you'd asked me 3 days ago I couldn't have defined Challenge Junkie for you. I guess at best - someone who likes to complete challenges? Lol.

A Sketch Challenge from Trina McClune

Three things beginning with the letter A

Acrylic for Paint

Ahoy for the title

Altered photo

Completed for a Crop at

The last two years of layouts have been slipped into ziplock bags, hole torn page protectors and 12x12 packaging left over from product. T h e n, they were put into a plastic crate beside my scrapping table or the lonely empty-Cropper-Hopper-paper-holder-thingy behind me.

So You Think You Can Scrap

Comp going down at Scrapbooking Design last year.

Easter weekend I decided those layouts had to go into their albums! Pronto! And guess - bar a very, very few- were completed because I was inspired by a challenge! That makes me a challenge junkie does it not?

This crate was full, no more could be put in without causing damage to the layouts already inside or the layouts going in. It feels great slipping them into 'real' page protectors.

Ahem, I noticed quite a few without journaling or dates (YIKES!!!) and lots of Heidi Swapp letters swimming around inside plastic bags and the like. Rrrgh! Mission to fully complete all layouts and not one more new one started until said mission is accomplished. Ha!


Jenny said...

Go you! I put mine into page protectors straight away. I have also found lots of Heidi Swapp stuff is very poor quality

Twobees said...

Way to go. Wow, what a lot of layouts to go in page protectors. Bet you were pleased with yourself. Well done :)