Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wanna go shopping? Challenge

I went 'shopping' a little while back and made the side opening card for a challenge of Lesley's over on Scrapbook Outlet. I 'bought' from a list of items; Vellum, Lace Cardstock and Tree...I needed to come up with a layout using these three items but since I've been in a scrapping slump I asked if I could make a card. I started off trying to do something funky and with a different tree but think Funky isn't my thing, lol. I'm tickled pink with how this turned out though. I won a RAK from Lesley too, whooo. For the second one I used mono glue on everything....and then I remembered the vellum too late :S It was also used for Susan's Monochromatic challenge at The Crop Room which I think I cheated on just a tiny weeny bit...the bling is kinda icy blue and matches the kinda icy blue in the Basic Grey patterned paper.

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On the Job

This is one of the jobs Anne and I are currently on. It's not really a gardening job, more like a clean up/makeover. But it's the stuff we like to do. Hard yakka and a real good feeling when it's done. We're removing Wandering Jew and taking it to the refuse station. Unloading the trailer is a job in itself and we did it twice this day.

Below is the result after almost 5hrs. We needed to complete a couple of other odd jobs around the gardens, moving pups (as in plants not puppy dogs ;)) and going over previously weeded garden. The pile of dead matter is from a big old ponga tree to the left of the photo, almost out of view.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where did they go.....

...all the pics I uploaded today? Even the picassa icon's gone! and does anyone know why this pop's up on my page?

The server at Protected requires a username and password.
Warning: This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner (basic authentication without a secure connection).


I was over at Niella's and Bree's last night and seeing all the owls I remembered these and had to post 'em. I was at Te Puke craft market held at the town hall with a stall of my own and these tea cosy's were for sale at another table. I thought they were so cute and had to take a pic inlight of all the Owlie items around at the mo. I'll have to check the pic in zoom but I think they're $12 plus post if you're interested.

Gotta go, better get. My day off work today, heaps to do that's not getting done.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Scrapbooking Friends Fall Crop

Possibly my favourites.
A scrap lift challenge completed over the last 10 days at Scrapbooking Friends Fall Crop.
Deadline dates tomorrow and I've hardly done a thing!
Figures huh!
SF hold four seasonal Crops over the year with donated prizes, lots of games and loads and loads of fun!
There's a heap of layout challenges too but since I can't scrap right now I'm entering card challenges instead.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Use Scallops anywhere on your layout. I didn't have my nesties when I made this so the scallop circle is hand cut. Practically a lift from For Keeps Creative Paper. Issue 69 2008.
I LOVE these three papers. I can't imagine how old the beige and rosebuds pp are, a gift from Regina (thanku!!) a long time ago....saving it for that perfect photo that never took place. Dimensional Magic is used on the Basic Grey Giraffes.

I wish I could take better pics. I've given up taking photo's in different rooms to get the best light. These are done in my scrapspace infront of a window.

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Card Lotto

These are for Patty aka Memory Collector.
Have you heard of Card Lotto?
Sign up and if your name's drawn you win 4 handmade cards from everyone else that signed.
Recently that equates to 40 cards!!
I used 7Gypsies to make these. Bazzil Cardstock, a HS chipboard heart (thanks Lara), bling brads, heart brads and patterned paper.

So are you getting sick of these cards yet? Think of it as my way of making up for being away so least you know I did something :P

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Arlenes: Christmas Card without red or green.
Queen & Co's felt and Heidi Swapps tiny flower jewels.....can you see them?
Used the Swiss Spot embossing folder on Basic Grey patterned paper.
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Kims: use stickers and alter 'em, use on a Valentines card.
Lots of Kindy Glitz on the stickers...the only stickers I rckon I own.
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Lois's Christmas Card Challenge, use a sketch.
Bazzil, Basic Grey Scraps, a Prima flower and a bling flower courtesy of one of SBO's monthly kits
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Use at least two different punches on a card.
Lifted this straight out of Aussie Paper Crafts.
Issue #61 2007. A freebie mag, in the back of another.
Bazzil, Kindy Glitzed 'petals' and the stamp is one of several from a Simple Stamps set; A Confession, sold at
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World Card Day

Remember World Card Day? At The Crop Room we turned it into World Card Week with challenges and prizes. This chllng had to feature a butterfly anyway you liked.
Bazzil, Basic Grey, scallop circle cut and embossed with a nestie and the butterfly is a years old diecut.
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A turn at Cards.

I've never been much of a cardmaker. Unless you sell them for a living, broke and can't afford ready made there's always Paper Plus? No? Too right! So I've been making cards and absolutely suprisingly, amazingly, knock me over with a feather - enjoying the process!! Me! Yeah! I'm using up bits of my stash that I've had for ages and in a lot of cases - years!

I won, a while back a RAK of Halloween goodies from Donna Meuli - all the makings for a Halloween banner made by Making Memories + cute brads, diecuts etc.... I definitely wasn't going to be making up no banner! But I was thrilled to win this pack of goodies 'cos I'm going to lift Donna's idea of a layout about the Scooby Doo collection in her home. Dd is nutty over Scooby and has all the um...stuff. I also made a Halloween card, just for fun. I'll work on the layout when I'm out of the funk.

The goodies including a pic of the
banner and the card I made.

Crud, this is bit messy looking :P


Yeah, I know - I read it often on other blogs....Where have I been?..... I know I haven't been posting but....Must keep up the blog..... I promise to......Lifes been hectic....and so on. Well I got Track Sided, big time and I know it should be side tracked but my ex MIL use to watch Track Side years ago and it's always anywho.... School Hols came and went and that's a whole other story. I was delighted to be back at work. I'm a tad better organised, go to bed earlier and feel better for it, there's also a purpose to getting up in the morning besides getting the kiddo off to the school bus.

I've also hit a funk!! I'm no longer interested in Scrapping. Shock, horror!! I thought it would've been a short term thing, I'll get over it right? But the more I tried to create a layout the more frustrated I became, the more precious product I felt I'd wasted. None of the layouts I created when the funk first hit tickled me, so for now I've given it up. I'm sure it'll come back one day but not just yet...I'm having fun making cards :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been Tagged

Charith at Life's hard...Get a Helmet tagged me. I adore her Changito cards.

So, I need to share 7 facts abt myself. Some wierd and some not....

The Facts are.....
1. I'm the older of four siblings.

2. Bromeliads, Clivias and White Kakabeak are my favourite plants.
3. I've been scrapping approx 7 - 8 years.
4. I've flown the shortest overseas route - Australia, Perth to Rottnest Island.

5. Outrageous Fortune is my favourite TV progamme. I grew up in Henderson - one suburb over, so it's pretty close to home hey! Cracks me up! Van and Munter are a hoot!
6. I love Mocha Coffee - instant, lol.
7. It's 2:18am as I type this.

I'm not sure if there's anything wierd in there - maybe the plane trip?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Changing Templates

Yep, got another one again. Gee whizz. A new member at The Crop Room told us where we could find the instructions on how to change our template to have three column's instead of the two. I can work it alright until the third instruction - what I get is "this window is trying to close" Lol. Back to the board but don't hold your breath. If you're a smarty and manage to get three column's please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

I've not been keeping up with the Olympics Comp at The Sketch Book. Have been real busy with work. Honestly I don't know how you ladies do it. Lara! I'm out of the house four days a week, yet I still have one full day at home - usually spent doing the house work after the other two are off at work and school. I know I won't get much done during school hols either. My sis is s'pose to be coming down from Auck with two of her kiddo's - Dd has been sleeping in the dining room since Feb (blushing smiley here) 'cos her room was undergoing a transformation...not. So her bdrm's got to be finished or we'll all be bunking in the lounge - nothing wrong with that though I guess huh? But add to the mix Dh having three weeks off work from the 6th Oct. Rrrgh.

Good news is that the ladies I crop with and I are getting together for our own little Scrap Pink. We have a breast cancer survivor amongst us! Last weekend of the school hols, scrapping for 12 hours and maybe a visit from a Stampin Up Demo in there somewhere. My sis might be there for that and I know she'll love it. It'll be her first crop she's ever been to. Whoo hoo.

Speaking of Cancer doesn't it just totally SUCK!
Man can send men to the moon but Man cannot find a cure for Cancer!! Ok so they have to find the cause first but so what I HATE CANCER!!!
Arlene, I'm thinking of you. You are an incredibly brave lady. There's so much sh*t you've gone through already and yet you and your sis still stand so strong. I know what they say - "God only sends what you can handle" But this is plain crazy. Love you my internet buddy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

#2 Gymnastics

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Flourishes and Ribbon!
This is Krista's (an internet buddy hailing from the USA) younger daughter Jordon, taken by Krista. I love this pic, it's so friggen cool/different. If I had any talent drawing I'd having dancing crocodiles with this pic. I enjoyed this challenge and even though I was a bit worried abt the ribbon element it wasn't too hard since the Basic Grey Rubon was only 1 of 2 I had in my stash.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Re Do

Re done the following morning and I like it much better! I had meant to use the Queen & Co the first time around but it was hiding underneath other stuff and I forgot. There's a rub on along the bottom - on a transparency- can hardly be seen in the pic and it's hard to read even IRL but I know it's there hey! I also sussed out the Polly Pocket stamp Dd used on her face and I like it so much better - not medal material but it's a winner for me!
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#1 Cycling

Use spot/dot/circle patterned paper and circle embellishments.
Was fun but I shouldn't have been such a smarty pants and left it to the last day. This is also the first time I've used the printer on a layout for myself - since 2005. A pen is so much easier but I had too much journaling I wanted to put in on this layout.
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I haven't figured out how to get more than one pic in a post using Picasso.....yet.

The Olympics of Scrapbooking.

Megan Renfree has a comp going on over at Sketch Book- yep, the Olympics in Scrapbooking :) We chose a country to represent for the entire running of the comp. My country is Belize and our first layout, a warm up, had to be made using ONLY the colours of our flag and the topic was abt ourselves. Hey Tuit lookee, Changito came to visit :) Can you tell I took the pic myself? LOL
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Big thanks to Lara and Niella for telling me to get with Picassa even though it's taken a while to get it together this evening :S

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Favourites

Some oldies using packaging somewhere on your layout - a challenge from Lara @ Scrapbook Outlet NZ. We had a choice of other things to use, like fabric, the colour yellow but I mainly remember having to use the packaging.

The photograph of Dh's nephews is partly matted with the backing from a pkt of Making Memories Passport Line. Part of the title is on a strip of red fabric. The Scenic route tags are blank 'cos Dh needs to check the spelling and I don't know what's up with my Dymo labeller. Can't thread the damn thing.

I love this pic of Dd reading quietly to herself one summer afternoon. It's also one of my favourite layouts. The journaling box/spot/space was originally a printed embellishment from Making Memories I think, but I stuffed up on the journaling. However, this layout had to have a postcard!!! Nothing else was going to do so I made one with a scrap of pale pink Bazzil (using the untextured side), a sticker stamp from an old Life's a Journey line and the barcode from a pkt of Basic Grey wedding rubons. Oh yeah, and the packaging is the white 'embellishment' at the top of the layout. I had fun with this one, lots of ink, paint and bling and BG's yummy Boxer line c/o a SBO monthly kit. I learnt to do the ink thing while doing Louise Williams Challenge for So You Think You Can Scrap over at Scrapbook Studio.

I used the packaging again and punched holes along the bottom with my very cool buddy the Crop-o-dile. Shear ribbon's been threaded thru the holes with some OLD yellow MM stuff.

CU L8r

Friday, August 15, 2008

Earth to you :)

It seems I haven't scrapped in ages. Dd's room is being 'fixed' and all her stuff is in my scrap space and the lounge. So I thought I'd leave a few of my favourites completed earlier this year. These three were done over Queens birthday weekend.

All product used from SBO's April monthly kit. Lot's of Jenny B papers and alpha stickers. Do you see the cool felt, oval flower with handstitching in the first layout? Niella Han made it and it has the most cutest owl button in the centre. Love it!

Look at all the yummy teal!!

Stick around anywho, I've just signed up for the Olympics over on the Sketch Book! Eek, what have I let myself in for!

CU L8r

Thursday, July 17, 2008

#7 Save the last one for me

Scrap your own style! I've come to the conclusion I don't have a style as such. I scrap the mood I'm in! I was in this mood when I scrapped Boobies. My ever crazy Daughter! The Journaling reads.
I was cooking dinner.
You were keeping busy around the fruit bowl.
Missy what are you doing?
Slowly you turned around. Mandarins stuffed in your skivvy.
Laughing out Loud you said "Look Boobies!"
You can be so, so funny!

In the beginning of SYTUCS Meek gave us a list of questions to ask ourselves abt our scrapping style. Truth to tell some of my answers were pinga related,if the moolah didn't need to be taken into account my answers would prolly be different! I've enjoyed the ride, have learnt lot's and 'met' some lovely people along the way. Special thanks to Meek for being Meek. I loved the way you introduced each challenge and put the show on.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

#6 Louise William

Just a quick one for Tuit. I hope you like it friend. I had so much fun playing with Louise's style This has got to be my favourite of the challenges. Nope, didn't win any points but what the heck eh! As someone else said if it was abt points she would've pulled out weeks ago. Ditto, ditto, ditto!

What I love abt this one is that I learnt how to make my own transparencies infact I don't think I've ever used them before. You rock Louise/Brantics and I'll never forget your tomato in Up2Scrap!
Gotta rush so no links this time folks.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

#4 Challenge

Heidi! Black and White with a burst of colour, doodling, Bling, Flowers, 5x7 photo, Flourishes/Swirls, Rubons and or Transparencies and cut work from pattern paper.
I so enjoyed doing this one! I love black and white so it wasn't hard (but that doesn't mean it was easy!) and it's my favourite for SYTYCS so far. NB: Ema is my Dd and Gail is her cousin, they spend a lot of weekends together playing soccer, going to the hot pools and sleeping over and 'skating' with their Heeley's either here or there. Best Friends was Dd's choice for the title but Best Buds fits in just right! And what a fluke re the dress Dd is wearing!

I painted the TLC Chipboard flourishes with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and then I fell in love. The new little black dress in Scrapbooking... well, it might not be new to you but it sure is to me. The effect is awesome and it really does glimmer/shimmer. It also proved to me how lucky I am that I receive SBO's monthly kits. If I wasn't subscribed to Scrapbook Outlet NZ's gorgeous kits I know I wouldn't have ANY Glimmer Mist in my scrapspace. It's not something I think I would've gone out and bought under my own steam, not when I don't drive and live kinda rural-ish. I rarely get to a scrapbook store, probably Spotlight and Scrapbook Studio in Auckland when I visit my sis more often than Book'em in Tauranga! Hehe, my sis lives 5 mins drive down the road, how could I not take in a visit to the Studio! However, I rarely get up there these days.
Please go check out Trina's totally beautiful layout using Glimmer Mist. It's absolutely stunning. Scroll down to the fifth layout - it's on white background and features a pink crown. What do you think huh?
Back to that gorgeous Mist, the only buggar being now I've tasted it I want all the colours - 50 of 'em. Every single one!
CU L8r

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first ever Jack

Hey lookee what I did. My first ever Jack Me Up.

I finished #4 Challenge at Scrapbook Studio TWO WHOLE days before the deadline. Woohoo. I couldn't believe it. So far each challenge has taken me an entire week. I was going to go and do a bunch of chores but when I posted to Scrapbook Studio "Yahooeey, I was done" Heidi, who's style we are 'using' for challenge #4 said she would rather scrap another layout not rake leaves! Too right!!! So I popped on over to Jack Me UP to have a lookee and the chosen layout for this month is Ilka's. I love Ilka's work and her layout is very cool. I dig the colour combo, the title down the side and all the arrows. It also has a very clean look.
I added Dimensional Magic to the Cosmo Blackboard letters on my layout. Journalled and doodled on the arrows but botched it up so I flipped them over and painted them with MM paint and DMed them too.
I better go post in the comments on Jack Me Up since today is the last day - there you go....Last Minute Me!
CU L8r