Sunday, September 7, 2008

#2 Gymnastics

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Flourishes and Ribbon!
This is Krista's (an internet buddy hailing from the USA) younger daughter Jordon, taken by Krista. I love this pic, it's so friggen cool/different. If I had any talent drawing I'd having dancing crocodiles with this pic. I enjoyed this challenge and even though I was a bit worried abt the ribbon element it wasn't too hard since the Basic Grey Rubon was only 1 of 2 I had in my stash.


Cherie said...

You are awesome! If I could scrapbook like you, maybe I'd do it more than once every 3 years! LOL

Lara said...


Niella said...

cool alright!!

Girl what's your email? I'll help you with the rest of Picasa.

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