Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the Job

This is one of the jobs Anne and I are currently on. It's not really a gardening job, more like a clean up/makeover. But it's the stuff we like to do. Hard yakka and a real good feeling when it's done. We're removing Wandering Jew and taking it to the refuse station. Unloading the trailer is a job in itself and we did it twice this day.

Below is the result after almost 5hrs. We needed to complete a couple of other odd jobs around the gardens, moving pups (as in plants not puppy dogs ;)) and going over previously weeded garden. The pile of dead matter is from a big old ponga tree to the left of the photo, almost out of view.

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Axel....{Carol} said...

wowww that looks like a BIG job,
thanks for your lovely comments on my blog,its always lovely to have visitors :) have a great weekend