Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yeah, I know - I read it often on other blogs....Where have I been?..... I know I haven't been posting but....Must keep up the blog..... I promise to......Lifes been hectic....and so on. Well I got Track Sided, big time and I know it should be side tracked but my ex MIL use to watch Track Side years ago and it's always anywho.... School Hols came and went and that's a whole other story. I was delighted to be back at work. I'm a tad better organised, go to bed earlier and feel better for it, there's also a purpose to getting up in the morning besides getting the kiddo off to the school bus.

I've also hit a funk!! I'm no longer interested in Scrapping. Shock, horror!! I thought it would've been a short term thing, I'll get over it right? But the more I tried to create a layout the more frustrated I became, the more precious product I felt I'd wasted. None of the layouts I created when the funk first hit tickled me, so for now I've given it up. I'm sure it'll come back one day but not just yet...I'm having fun making cards :)

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