Sunday, June 22, 2008

#2 Challenge

Using Kelly's style, include paint, torn paper, stamps, ribbon or trim, 1 flower or more, clustered embellishments and mix photo sizes - one of which must include a pic of YOU! Ugh.

So lucky I hadn't scrapped Dd's school camp last year! I'm going to have fun with these! (Well I did scrap one of them for a challenge on Heaven Sent).

My journaling went on the white paint - the bit where the red bling cardstock is. Ok, so I made a mistake and painted over it..again and again and again - but the ink kept showing thru??! What is it with Gesso? Could I have used acrylic paint instead? So it was 11:30pm, 30mins before the deadline! Think!! I tore off a piece of the same cardstock used to mat the main pic and added a rub on - Guess how much I love You. Never mind you can hardly see it, I've sinced removed it altogether. Added ! to Treasure and going to sit on what to do with the white paint - I wish I could erase it. More skull and bones maybe?

Kelly's style was easier for me since I use a few of her 'thing's in my layouts already. Things I learnt for me? Tear up paper more often!

Made during a Cyber Crop at Heaven Sent earlier this year. Love these pics of Dd. No posing just having fun while I clicked away. She was sitting on a huge hay bale on the school field after the disco during their Pirate Camp. I have more pics of the camp and they're the one's that will have the journaling. These are for playing!!

Another Layout from Heaven Sent Cyber Crop. We had to choose a quote and scrap it. I chose this pic to go with it - the first time I've scrapped Grandad. I'd been thinking of him a lot lately. He spent most of his life in Asia - Burma (Mynmar), Indonesia, Borneo and Singapore as a surveyor. I wondered in light of the recent devasting storm that claimed so many lives in Mynmar as Burma is now known - what would he be thinking of the mess there. This is his second wife and their first child (I'm thinking she would be 20ish now). It would be wonderful if just by chance my Aunty or her brother happened upon this site (yeah sure)and contacted me.

Last one for the Cyber Crop - Must have pp or cardstock triangles somewhere on your layout. We also had to have a grouping of embellishments in the shape of a triangle. I bet you can't find mine straight away. There's journaling on the pink spot pp up one side. My camera batteries were flat and I missed the deadline getting these posted to Heaven Sent. Yep, sounds just like me... Last Minute Lainie :)

CU L8r

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Vicky said...

Lainie! I didnt know you had a blog! Some fantastic pages here and those pirate photos of your dd are hilarious, at first i thought she was a guy in his late teens/early 20s LOL