Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Queens Birthday Weekend

For my internet buddies over the ditch and beyond, we have an extra day this weekend. I intend to spend it scrapping at Scrappin' Patch completing challenges, via the computer. The last weekend was suppose to be one of scrapping but a bird (we think a pigeon) flew thru a CLOSED window and left a lovely mess of glass and bird do do over my tables. I had to move storage boxes out from under the tables and all the mess I haven't put away in ages on top of them.... in order to move the tables so Dh can reach the window. Twice he's been to town already this week and has forgotten to take the measurements with him!!   He'll replace the glass himself 'cos as a kiddo he had to learn....with 7 brothers and all being fans of rugby, his Dad got sick of calling in the glazier!

I'd better go and do some more reorganising in my scrapping room so it's ready for the weekend...oh and clear the coffee table!

C Ya L8r

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Jenny said...

Hopefully I can scrap over the weekend too