Sunday, July 31, 2011

Challenges for the end of July

I didn't complete as many challenges as I'd hoped for this month but I'm happy with what I did get finished. Girls n Berrys is for NZ Paper Chase. Thanku Sonya for posting that layouts were urgently needed 'cos I liked that I had to use my brain with this sketch.  Haha. Where I've got my 'ladder' - in the sketch it was a photo strip but I didn't want to use mine with these photo's so I had to use the old brain to come up with something else. Made from the negatives of chipboard shapes and painted. Each boysenberry is made from two wee cloud punches overlapped just a little, Dimensional Magic, beads and a tiny sprinkling of Diamond Dust - any excuse to use that stuff :D

Hey Jenny E. my most regular visitor...what do you think about the size of this layout? Is it better than the smaller size I normally post - yep even with my blog list up the side, lol... or should I stick with the usual?


Jenny said...

I like it - it's pretty and I can see everything. having said that I could also read the old style. Time for you to visit me!!

Lainie said...

Thanku Jenny and yep you're right....about time I came over!!