Friday, March 27, 2009

Ready, Set.....

8mins count down to go until Andrea at Scrapbook Outlet NZ pulls the trigger on the starter gun to The Amazing Race..have you joined SBO yet? Better get going.....

I know I haven't been here in forever but I'm going to make it up to you over the next week. I'm such a dill brain or this dang blog just doesn't like me - I've tried to publish a post already here today and it didn't stick so here we again....wish me luck! Oh and I'll get rid of that Christmas thingy - I never knew it had even stuck last Christmas.

To my awesome Internet buddies from the States and over the ditch, I hope you'll visit me from to time over the next 10 days. I'm going to need all the cheering I can get. Lol. If this was the real deal it'd be over for me at the start line.


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