Thursday, January 20, 2011


My first ever Stickpins and I had no idea what I was getting into. Had fun with these and so easy to get addicted to making them. I have some I made with a Halloween theme somewhere, I'll post them when they turn up or when I find them...whatever happens first eh? ;D

Orange and pink theme ATC's. They were all bagged and ready to post when I took this pic that's why they look shiny when they're not. Sorry about that.
and some extra's.... I normally cut my ATC's from 12x12 sheets so that I end up with 12 cards when I've only ever needed 9 and sometimes less. If I have enough in my stash to complete all 12 I make them all up. Sometimes they'll be a little bit different and sometimes not. But they're cool to have for swapping one on one.
And one more.... the theme was birds. I need to take a pic of the ATC's I received back and share them with you, they are so sweet!
Catch U L8r
PS: Can someone please tell me why my pics turn out so small when I post them here?


Jenny said...

Maybe because you've ticked the SMALL setup for the photos?

Niella said...

Oh so cool Lainie!!

I love these :-)

P.S your goodies are on there way heehee x

Becky Andersen said...

Lainie...wonderful ATC Cards and love your stickpins! Thanks for visiting my blog...I didn't realize you had you know I just have to follow now! Hugs!