Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A new face :D

I finally found a background that I really like! Just a pity I don't have a wider monitor so I can see more of it - I know it's my monitor 'cos I see more of other sites on the larger monitors at the Internet Cafe than I can from my piddly sized monitor at home. Oop's did I say that? It's ok dear monitor I didn't really mean it. True ;D

I was Googling Tim Holtz Configuration boxes earlier this evening because I've one of the Kaiser chipboard thingee's that came out around Christmas a few years ago and still haven't used it. I know what I want it to look like but saying that and what I actually end up with is going to be two different things! So anyway I thought I'd go a Googling for inspiration and I came across the lovely Dragon's Web which led me to Elegia's Background Garden. She really has some gorgeous work on her blog and the instructions are easy to follow so go check it all out.

Leaving you with a pic before I hit the sack....

This wee box and cards were made for Sarah Gough's OTP Challenge at Scrappin' Patch last month. You can see her gorgeous box and 3x3 cards here

And so goodnight, I woke at 2am yesterday in a fit of coughing and then proceeded to peel wallpaper off the hall wall while sucking on a strepsil. I need some ZzzzZzzz's.


Jenny said...

Oh my word - you have been blogging! And yes, I really like this new look!

Lainie said...

Lol and now it's back to the gaps again :D

Becky Andersen said...

LOL....remember I hadn't heard that stripping wallpaper cured a cough! Will keep that in mind for next time I can't sleep! ;) Hugs

Godelieve said...

A beautiful set of cards!
Love your blog background, it's gorgeous! You can always enjoy more of it by scrolling your mouse wheel while holding the Ctrl key :)