Monday, January 30, 2012

#4 Week at Scrappin' Patch Comp

Create a layout about your country and include the name on your layout.  What do you love about your country? What is special or different? Include 2 items specific to NZ; a photograph or a piece of memorabilia. You must use the colours of your flag.

I used a Poppy from Anzac day going back a few years and an old phone card that has New Zealand on the side of the boat. Always knew those cards would come in handy one day, I use to find them on the side of the road.

Land of the Lucky started out as a two page layout with 18x 3 almost 1/4 inch squares in blue, red, white, and black in a grid pattern. I only had scraps of red cardstock, one sheet of blue bazzil and one of white to work with. Basic Grey and Autumn Leaves to the rescue but heck I seriously need a cardstock restock! 
 Too tired to finish the revamp after 1am I had early riser Dh wake me up to ink, stick down the journaling and upload before 9am monday morning. Panic! Stupid photo manager hates me!  I used this photo of Dd and her school mates to show the bi-cultural part of my journaling. I thought it was pretty apt.

#4 OTP Create a Journaling Notebook or Diary: you must use fabric, a button, twine or string and stamping. 
I picked up the last 2 $7 Das books at a sale for $3 each. I love that the pages are blank and good quality artist paper. Maybe I'll be tempted to pick up a pencil. Ha!

 I used muslin for my fabric both on the tag and the background where it was smooshed (lol) with glue and texture paste and lastly sprayed with Glimmermist. There's dimensional magic on the wings of the awesomely beautiful Graphic45 Steampunk Collection. I've used one half of a zip along the left handside, if you look very closely you can just make out the teeth. 

I took my current journal on Dd's school camp last year and collected a few leaves and a flower that was given to me.  But I lost some of them between Bushaven and home so I thought to add a few transparency pockets machine stitched to cardstock  inside the next book I made. The idea stemmed from Nic Howards' class held at Autumn Escape in 2009, similar to the Card Buffet but with Journals! We decorated the cover and made 'dividers' for inside.  

My no.2 Journal. 
I stitched onto the cardstock after attaching the squares of fabric and patterned paper. I used a single photo split per square in the centre to give the appearance of them 'floating' 'cos if  you haven't noticed there's a transparency piece stitched over the front cover. To hold it altogether is a length of elastic. Another idea from Nic Howards Journal Buffet class. The elastic is held on the back with two eyelets. I liked this idea so much I decided to do it on this. Just flip the elastic off and away you go but it's still attached to the back. Note the stamping? Nic Howards own design bought a while ago from Kiwi Scraps aka Craft House in Wellington. It's so very versatile! 

And that's it from me this week :D 


Francine said...

Lainie - awesome journals! I love those transparency pockets. And, you are so right with your journalling on your layout. If I had to choose a new country to live in, New Zealand would definitely be up there!

Francine said...

Hi Lainie - I'm baaaack! Just wanted to tell you again how much I love your work and to let you know that I have an award for you over on my blog!