Monday, January 2, 2012

Belated Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you have a terrific 2012 in all the ways that matter most to you. 

For those of you that have lost someone close in the year just passed. Someone that was incredibly dear to your heart, I sincerely hope the pain will ease and you continue to fill up with  the wonderful memories you created together.
My warmest heartfelt hugs and love to you.

It's off to a fantastic start on our homes away from home on the web!
Scrappin Patch has an awesome comp starting, they do competitions so well and I reeeally need this to get the ol' mojo going for 2012! Go check it's about to start.

I've just received the first newsletter of the year from Scrapbook Dreams. There's some gorgeous work featured and something new happening with the monthly challenges. You'd better go sign up with Shell for the next newsletter if you haven't already.

Challenge Me Happy and NZ's very own Paper Chase have posted their challenges for the month.
Also don't forget to pop into NZ's Scrapchat, we've got a cool swap happening and there'll be more to come.
Lot's to keep us busy....I'd better get back to working out that blasted photo manager :P

Have a truly wonderful 2012 everyone.
And here's to hoping the economy improves.
Love and hugs

psst, pardon me for the highlighting...accidently did it to one and couldn't get rid of it so what the heck do it to them all eh? :D 


Jenny said...

Thanks Lainie .. that applies to me. My heart is still sad

Becky Andersen said...

Awww Lainie you are so sweet! Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Be cathin ya at the Crop Room! Hugs!